Workshops are held at regular intervals throughout the year at venues across the UK. Workshops can be tailored to your specific company needs and held at a venue of your choice.

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We currently offer four specialised workshops. These workshops comprehensively describe and teach the best practises that should be employed by the individual for each of these roles.

eLearning for the Project Manager

Like any other project the eLearning project manager is called upon to produce a quality product within the constraints of timescales and cost. This two day workshop will assist you in avoiding the many pitfalls that surround the design and development of effective eLearning courseware. Objectives of this course include:
  • Identifying the various instructional design models
  • Identifying and defining the various project phases
  • Developing the required project plans
  • Managing the team

eLearning for the Instructional Designer

If you are looking to design quality, engaging and innovative eLearning courseware within the constraints of timescale and budget then this three day workshop is for you. It will teach the key skills required to be a successful Instructional Designer, such as:
  • Scoping the eLearning project and how to generate a plan
  • Devising and implementing a data capture plan
  • Selecting the most appropriate design strategies
  • Authoring systems

Articulate Storyline - Basic

  • Module 1: Introducing the application
  • Module 2: Creating a new project
  • Module 3: Scenes and slides
  • Module 4: Adding content
  • Module 5: States, layers and triggers
  • Module 6: Adding interactivity
  • Module 7: Questions and quizzes
  • Module 8: Publishing

Articulate Storyline - Advanced

  • Module 1: Basic course recap
  • Module 2: Variables
  • Module 3: Scenarios
  • Module 4: The Player
  • Module 5: Publishing