Our consultants are available to advise and mentor your eLearning initiative. Feel free to call on us to discuss your requirement.

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The lifecycle of an eLearning project can contain many complex tasks. We can assist and advise on any or all areas of the project. We can work alongside you and your team to help bridge any gaps in knowledge or resources.

Allow our experts to assist you in:

  • Scoping the eLearning project
  • Conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Evaluating your existing instructor-led courseware for its suitability for conversion to self-paced delivery
  • Generating technical and commercial proposals
  • Conducting a project risk analysis
  • Evaluating vendor responses to your invitation to tender/request for proposal documents
  • Creating the various plans, guides and work instructions
  • Creating a style guide and prototype lesson
  • Creating eLearning frameworks, templates and guides
  • Review vendor storyboards for design integrity